Monday, October 22, 2012

Horsin' Around this Weekend

Last Thursday, I couldn't visit Bonnie. I started taking English riding lessons a few weeks ago and I am really getting into it. Ok who are we kidding, everytime I think about getting out there to ride, everything is wonderful and rainbows. Amber, Dave and AW keep telling me that it appears that I'm really getting into this and that it's great that something could make me so happy. So, this weekend, I took the plunge and went to the 51st semi-annual Greenhawk warehouse sale to get suited up. That's right, SUIT UP!

I spent 2 weeks strategizing the plan of what I need, get and how much I'd save and which one would be the best deal. Not being partial to any specific brands helps at this point. Two weekends ago, I even made a preliminary trip to Greenhawk to try things on so I'd be prepared for the big day: Saturday Oct 20th. Not only was a bunch of stuff on some serious discount, but there was a Gate Crasher deal of taking an additional 30% off any clearance item. I look at the receipt and see that the original purchase would have cost me over $600 but I've managed to spent just over $250.

What'd I get?
  • Ariat Heritage Paddock III boot in chocolate
  • Elation Crochet Back Gloves in cream
  • Aerion Ladies Multipurpose Shell Rain Jacket in teal
  • Grand Prix Hampton II Low Rise Breech x 2
  • Mondega Super Suede 1/2 Chap
  • Aerion Men's Tech Polo x 2
Now I'm ready for my next lesson to ride in proper schooling style!

Sunday had some more equine activities...

Greyden is super far for me to go during the week so I've been thinking about looking at schools  closer to the city. But let's face it, there is no such thing for something like this. I made arrangements to visit Meadowlarke in Mississauga first thing in the morning and how excited am I? I'm so excited that I'm up 2 hours earlier than I need to be. Unfortunately, there isn't space for additional students at Meadowlarke for the month of November so after getting some fee and lesson information, I head out.

When AW and I return to the car, we figure that since we're out this way, we could go see if Greyden is open to give him a better idea of the facility I'm going to now. The drive during the day is scenic and relaxing. Possibly also because I'm not stressed out about arriving on time for my lesson. It's too bad that when we get there, they tell us that they have a clinic and don't have time for visitors today. Oh well.

It's back home for us... after we visit some more stables in the area! I stop at one that I didn't expect to stop at and I find that I really like this place. But, we'll have to see if the trek is worth it since it's almost as far as Greyden and with the winter coming up, the drive seems like an unnecessary trip to make. I'm looking for a solid place that is reputable and somewhere I feel comfortable with the schooling, instructors and the schedule. Afterall, jumping from place to place doesn't build consistency in your learning and skills.

I'm working on completing my comparison chart of the schools and have a few more to see before I make a decision...


  1. I am SO IMPRESSED with your bargain hunting skills! $600 worth of gear for $250, well done! Also, yes, I repeat my earlier statement that this "happiness" thing is great. It IS great! You deserve it!! :D

    1. why thank you! it's the best bargain's i've gotten in a LONG TIME. and, the best part was the things i absolutely needed i got for the best deal with the best brand so that's just mega bonus! i was so excited the first night that i put everything together and popped on the helmet too (i got previously) and just sat there grinning... i know, kind of nutty. but that's the kind of happy this makes me! :)