Thursday, January 15, 2015

Another New Year...

Each new year is accompanied with people asking about new year's resolutions. I made several last year but it's evident that many of them went straight out the window quickly so I ponder the point to making them. My perspectives teeter between these two schools of thought:

This is the "better me"
This is the "crabbier me"

However, based on my review of the last year, I see that there has been a lot of progress and events so it would be a shame not to have goals and something to strive for. I break them into categories:


  • Finish all my "stuff" half an hour before I intend for bed--10:30pm bed time! (hopefully my caffeine habit will reduce too!)
  • Getting active daily (by week), minimum: yoga twice, cycling once, cardio once, get off 1 stop earlier to walk home
  • Complete a preliminary project management course
  • Complete my Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt
  • Study and successfully pass the MCAT
  • Be on time for stuff
  • Make more of an effort to get out with friends
  • Limit Facebook time to once a day, 20 minutes (this one is tough b/c I love procrastinating!)
  • Maintain a regular blogging schedule so I can aim to have a minimum of 10 posts per month
  • Decorate my new home by finding spots for all photos or other images
  • For my piano, improve enough to get to grade 4 by end of year and perfect the Christmas tunes I've been practising for the last 2 years (only around the holidays!)
  • Complete 2 more speeches in my Toastmasters ACB set


  • Clicker train Stanley in the basics and ensure he comes when called
  • Set-up the ultimate cat-terrium indoors
  • Get Stanley to wear a collar without ripping it off


  • Ride every moment of a lesson with intention--don't waste time
  • Communicate with half halts for transitions consistently to reduce that ear pinning and tail swishing
  • Participate at one adult show at Touch N Go Farms (not aiming to place--just get over nerves and gain ability)
  • Improve my hip/seat flexibility and overall fitness so I reduce/eliminate my physical short comings


That's so me.

Lots to do... and I intend to follow through this time. Resolutions 2015, watch out! Here comes the most motivated Deb yet!


  1. you go catch that red dot!

    I particularly like the one about finding spots for the photos and getting stanley to wear a collar!

    1. the red dot will be conquered this year.

      you're going to be employed to assist with finding those spots... but don't forget i have final say :P

  2. Love all your goals! I really need to implement a reading list this year. I was chipping away at the Time 100 Best Novels list a few years ago and it was going great, but I got totally demotivated halfway through the The Scarlet Letter and sad to say, never got my momentum back. ;-)

    1. thanks! i'm very motivated this year. i just hope that it sustains throughout the year. maybe i'll do a quarterly check in or something to help me review and refine.

      do it! i think reading is just plain good for everyone. i would love to check out your list sometime :)