Friday, January 23, 2015

A Review: SSG Gloves All Weather (Style 8600)

I'm not a fan of wearing gloves for anything: I hate wearing them for dishes, lab work (during school), going outside, doing manual labour... horseback riding. When fit is poor, material too thick and workmanship shoddy, it makes for a frustrating pair of gloves to wear. That all said though, I've changed my tune about wearing gloves for horseback riding. Now I have different pairs for the seasons (I reviewed the Below 10 previously) and the tasks I need to do when I ride. In addition, I keep up with Laura @ Bit by Bit's posts about gloves so have gotten some of the "work" done for me. There is a specific glove that stands out for me and I'll be discussing that in this post (note, all opinions are personal and I have not been solicited to do a review on this product--though I wouldn't oppose!).

My situation: I school or hack, don't show and don't work at the stable. Ariel is usually outside in a paddock most of the year so that means I have to go out to get her--cold or hot. My favourite pair of gloves to date for schooling is the SSG All Weather (Style 8600). They cost anywhere from $25-35 CDN depending on where you're shopping and when (see, saaaale!). But this is probably one of the most popular and best selling pairs by SSG so I doubt they need to push it with a sale.

Image taken from Dover Saddlery

The features on the packaging cardboard list the features of this glove with...
  • Aquasuede Plus Palm
  • Durable, breathable, good grip wet or dry
  • Elasticized back for a cool comfortable fit
  • Hook and loop wrist closure
  • Machine washable, air dry

Available Sizing: Child's 4/5, Ladies S 5/6, Ladies Univ. 7/8, Mens Univ. 8/9, Mens Large 10, Mens XL 11/12 (black only). My size actually ranges between a 5 and 6 (or even 7) and I wear the ladies 5/6 and they fit perfectly. All the features of this glove address the past negative perspectives I have about gloves and has made a glove lover out of me! I love that the elastic is adjustable and closes around the wrist so it's secure and there aren't open flaps around my wrist--it slips nicely under my sleeve of my jacket. They have great grip regardless of their status or condition. The best part is that I can toss them into the machine, wash and they come out clean and good as new.

Image taken from Big Dee's Tack and Vet Supplies
While the practical part of me has been satiated, I recently discovered that these gloves come in an array of different colours and patterns *swoon*. That's just me being facetious as the colours don't make me go any faster or ride better. I would recommend these gloves to the horseback riding newb or for those who want a no fuss glove that is versatile yet fun.


  1. interesting! i've tried on a bunch of SSG's different gloves before, but never purchased. maybe i'll take another look next time :)

    1. interesting... i don't have access to a lot of other glove brands--are there any you recommend? SSG are the most readily available so i've tried on a bunch and the ones i've found suit my purposes (and budget).

  2. So many great colours! My favorite thing about SSG gloves is the elastic at the wrist. I never have that irritating over exposed feeling (my gloves are a bit different than yours, but either way they seem to have really nailed that part of the design.)

    1. the colours make me drool a bit. which gloves do you ride with? i was checking out all your glove reviews after i wrote this post because i remember you were looking at specific gloves at one point too... needed a refresher about what you had said about the ones you tried!

    2. They are SSG Digital. I love them to bits, but not sure if they are as warm as the ones you have and no exciting colors!

    3. ah very sleek looking! i like the clean lines since it looks very versatile and can go from schooling to showing.