Monday, December 22, 2014

Lesson #151: Return from Paris

I'm going to interrupt the Paris series to write about the return lesson on Sunday. I didn't mention it before but we have returned from Paris as of last Monday and been spending our time getting ourselves sorted out but I still have a couple more Paris related posts to finish up. And for those who are still trying to sort something out for Christmas for the equestrian in your life, check out +Laura's Christmas blog series "12 Days of (Horsey) Christmas".

We've been absent for 2 weeks so it's definitely one of those instances we take our time and gauge initially, where we are at. In the past, I've returned with stiff hips or lower back and it's proved to be problematic for a more intensive lesson. The lesson was done on the flat and we didn't even do ground poles. I focused on keeping Ariel in the corners and ensuring that she is supple enough to do the things I was asking of her. In addition, I was checking out where I was at in terms of physically. I returned with a funny torqued upper body (to left) and a funky tight right hip that has been feeling (for a few days now) like it needs to popped out and then back in.

Our rising trot was pretty good and my focus was keeping Ariel straight and deep in corners. At this speed, things are typically manageable. I even added in some sitting trot when I felt more comfortable with my balance and control. So far so good. Sheri then suggests that I move towards no stirrup work. Okay, I think, pull my feet out of the stirrups and dangle them. She adds "... now let's stretch and flex out those hips and lower back: lift your legs out and upwards off the saddle" so that there is a stretch in the inner thighs. Keep in mind, I'm still trotting. This is not easy! Argh. LOL. I get a few strides like this but when the contact with the seat is dramatically reduced, it is very noticeable that I don't have as good balance as I'd like!

Our trotting is good so Sheri pushes us to the canter--nothing fancy and just around, large. But this is much easier said than done! The left rein is okay... and manageable but once we get onto the right rein, things go to crap. I nudge and squeeze and push and pulse and all I get is a faster trot and a crappier seat and a major decrease in position. I am now bumbling around up there like a sack of potatoes. Eventually I get fed up and spur Ariel to get her hind in gear and it works. But she's leaning in and cutting corners! Pulsating with the inner leg is doing little good... all it seems to manage is to keep her from falling further in but I can't get her out far enough.

I go a few more rounds like this with all my might (my inner thighs are having me waddle today) and even have to pull her into a circle a few times... there was one successful step forward to have her cantering a 20m circle without falling in but I couldn't replicate it large. *sigh* To finish up the lesson, I do some suppling exercises like the leg yield at the walk. Best part? Sheri's gotten on her horse and is getting him to do some simple moves (that look freakin' amazing!) like the leg yield.

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