Monday, November 10, 2014

Lesson #145: #thisiswhyilovegoslingstables

I think I've probably had the worst luck, in the last week specifically. I was already late due to the traffic and weather when I was driving up to my lesson on Thursday night and literally 5-7 minutes from the stable, I got a flat. Not a little flat but a big one that would prevent me from going further. I was really bummed. I called J and Sheri to cancel my lesson and told them of my predicament but the amazing people they are, J came out to get me and help me limp my car back to the stable. Seriously, what a miserable start to the evening, but what amazing people. #thisiswhyilovegoslingstables

I stumbled in and realized that in the rush, I left my half chaps in my car that was sitting on the side of the road so J came by and lent me his half chaps (he's way taller than me so too tall but at least I had something) and get put together to get into my lesson. I was still a little unorganized when I got on Ariel but it wasn't all that bad when I started the warm up because Sheri commented on how steady and flowing things were, despite the eventful evening.

We soon got into the canter and the exercise became a session of "Sheri Says". Getting the transitions right on the letter is still something I struggle with but it is certainly improving. But, despite the good start, I was having trouble keeping my hands still and the reins were sometimes too long on one side (or too short) and we all know how Ariel is like, with "noisy hands".

Ugh, Deb's hands were jossling around on Thursday night...
So, before we continued, Sheri handed me a crop horizontally and told me to hold them here and here. Now, go. The remainder of the lesson was spent keeping my hands quiet, still and even regardless what I was up to. It definitely made a big difference because Ariel was less fussy and the transitions made more sense for both of us and things were actually... steady! I totally didn't realize how 'busy' my hands had become when I ride. I definitely need to work at keeping things steady seeing as it impacts the ride with Ariel. #thisiswhyilovegoslingstables

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