Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Wearing My Flood Pants

It's been an interesting two days. We had a black swan event with the crazy downpour on Monday evening and my area still doesn't have power. The food in the fridge is likely on the verge of being a bio-hazard and I complete this post through my blackberry.

To keep things upbeat, positive and somehow fitting to the theme of being under water (though Torontonians generally had a walk in the park compared with their Calgarian counterparts): I present my first on-screen debut as an audience member of the Marilyn Denis Show: http://www.marilyn.ca/Video and search for the July 8th episode (doing this on my Blackberry has serious limitations)

Have fun and stay dry!


  1. haha how did the pickle shooter taste? too bad they didn't show your facial reaction hehe

    1. the pickle shooter tasted exactly like pickle juice would have. it's salty and sour and pickle-y!