Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Long Weekend Show


Who else is as unfocused as I was this morning? Heck, forget morning; try all day long. This is so typical of a long weekend, eh? I was so “relaxed” that I forgot that I meant to post about my trip out to Teen Ranch with ADW and his young cousins. One of the cousins is a young girl who is very much into horses and I’ve hoped I would get the opportunity to take her to visit a horse show and that’s what we did this Sunday morning.

We got out to Caledon to see the Teen Ranch show and it was such a neat sight! We arrived onto this huge complex with a hockey arena and horse rings. There were horses of all colours and sizes all over the place. Definitely different than when I checked out the in-house show and the Caledon Equestrian Park.

Since I'm still in mega lazy mode, I"ll post a photo instead ;)

Rock & Catherine


  1. Fun show for all! Caledon Equestrian park was a nice stop tooo

    1. indeed! funfunfun! it was a great experience with fabulous weather to keep everyone even happier :)