Tuesday, July 23, 2013

I'm Allergic to... Nature?

I was working out in the garden this weekend. Mostly propping up my very fertile bean plants and trimming back my perilla leaf plants. It's been quite warm and I've started working in the mid-mornings to stay cool. As it was coming to 11am, I decided to head in since the heat was starting to become bothersome enough.

When I got inside, I was scratching and itching on my forearms. I noticed that the same thing happened last year when I was working with the tomato plants. I think the tomato plants gave me a far worse rash but this one from beans was pretty bad too. I was curious if there was something that caused the rash because I'm generally not allergic to much of anything. However, I have a history of skin sensitivities to wool and now, I know, to certain garden plants!

I found this article which explains plainly, what happened to me: allergic contact dermatitis. It's good to know that I probably won't die from this but that I might need to get me a pair of sleeves to work in the garden with or just suck it up and tolerate it seeing as it doesn't last too long and I'm good as new in a few hours.


  1. seee!! vegetables ARE evil!

    1. all the more reason to destroy them through digestion!