Thursday, December 20, 2012

Lesson #10: Private Lesson!

After last week's class focus on balance, I realize I have to incorporate additional physical activity to build upon the requirements I work on once a week during lessons. I don't know if there is anything else I do that requires the same muscles and even mind-set.

I got to Greyden and there was only 2 of us on the board for the night! My class just went from 4 students to 2. What luck. I'm riding Bud tonight and the other girl is riding Bonnie. I miss Bonnie but I've also felt most comfortable on Bud when I'm working on the canter since he is easier to work with to get going.

As I'm tacking up, I notice that the other girl hasn't shown up yet and it looks like I might be having a private lesson! WOOO-EEE! I'm a little nervous at the realization because Sheri can be tough but I figure it's the best time to get some things down that I can't get down during a regular class. All eyes on me the whole class.

We start immediately with the posting trot to warm up and move right along to alternating posting trot and seated trot. I still haven't figured out the posting diagonals without looking yet but I probably should. It's something that I'll need to work on getting a proper feel for because it's one thing to be able to look down and see which diagonal you're supposed to be on but to just be able to feel what needs to be done is another. That will probably take many more lessons to accomplish. Next, we work on balance exercises with delayed posting rhythm with 2 beats up and 2 beats down. This is tricky! You're essentially balancing standing up while the horse is moving forward and then trying to sit down for two beats too. Not an easy feat!

Sheri continues the lesson with me by asking me to move into working on the canter. It's still a little bit of a weak point for me since that fall from Bonnie. But, Bud's eager and I think he could move into a canter straight from a walk! A few times he gets eager and even wants to get going while I'm trying to figure myself out! Can you imagine...? If he started cantering and then I go flying off?

I found the chance to have the private with Sheri to be a huge advantage to focus on the things that I've been having trouble with lately. This has definitely been a move forward for me! The only downside from the entire lesson are the two giant bruises on my inside lower leg from the stirrup leathers. Ouch! I won't be forgetting those half chaps next lesson...


  1. Get more comfortable with Buddy and then give Bonnie a visit later = )

    1. if this flu/cold doesn't get the best of me, i'm going to be riding aspen this friday :)