Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Different Time, Different Place: New Perspective

I just spent the last few days studying for my intermediate microeconomics class and although there was a great deal of math--specifically calculus--I didn't feel as lost as I did in the past. Well that's not true. I was lost in the class, but the math wasn't really a big stretch of the imagination and it didn't bring back flashes of horrifying memories of high school calculus or the first year calculus where I dozed off during the final exam.

It's becoming apparent that I'm not terrible at math and that I have been enjoying the challenge the course is presenting me. AW always says that his economics became more and more theoretical and abstract as the years went on, in school and for many, it was difficult to follow. But, I'm finding that this sort of thing interests me and gets me thinking. Of course, I'd rather not have my brain on, but once I do, it's quite satisfying to be thinking through the theories and concepts and what's going on!

Maybe my plans aren't too far off from both what I'm capable of doing and what I find interesting.

Regardless of these "feel good" moments and thoughts, it looks like I'll be setting up my Wednesdays to be working on the same course with the same miserable prof again. Yay for making winters even more yucky.