Monday, February 3, 2014

REPOST: An Easy Way to Turn, in Horseback Riding

A great post came up this morning when I was checking my blog and what a perfect post! I've been working on bending and turning a lot, lately. We've been making some very tight turns and focused on bending. Like I've mentioned before, there is a lot going on during a ride so there is little time to really consider where your hip bone is or what angle your hip is or when your body is supposed to do "x". The article provides the opportunity for you to assess what happens to your body during a turn, but off horse. It really gives a rider like me, the opportunity to safely assess what's going on.

It's a short article so check it out if you've been trying to piece together what your instructor is saying when they say things like "... drop your hip bone... open that angle... turn your shoulders... look that way... etc" during a bendy turn!

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