Wednesday, February 19, 2014

A Review: SSG 10 Below, Winter Gloves (Style 6400)

These gloves are incredible winter gloves, for whatever you end up doing. According to the SSG website, they were made in response to the successful summer glove; with the exception of adding 4 layers of warmth and waterproofing. I bought them on a whim prior to leaving for Iceland in 2013 because until that moment, I rode with whatever gloves I had and used them all year round. But it's ICEland... I didn't imagine it to be warm enough for those gloves to work; plus, we weren't allowed to bring any used equestrian equipment and I used that as an excuse to get new gloves.

They are an amazing investment for both Iceland and this winter. I used them this winter when I go out to grab Ariel because the number of times I didn't, I regretted it. Considering I bought them 3 sizes too big for me, I found them a bit unwieldy to use for anything that required more fine tuning of my fingers, but otherwise the grip was great and I didn't feel like they were getting in the way of doing what I needed to do. Imagine if I got the right size!

They are very warm without being hot; though I don't think I'd want to ride with them. This is more out of personal preference than anything negative against the gloves themselves. You see, I prefer to ride bare-hand regularly (I know it isn't really ideal...) and so I haven't done so with the exception of the one time this winter that I wore them when it was like -12deg C (that's without wind-chill). Otherwise, I find them good for doing the other stuff like getting tacked up and fetching the horse. 

The fit features work for me b/c I don't have to fiddle with any straps or velcro closures... it's a simple elasticized wrist and it slips easily and neatly under my winter coat sleeves. It's fast to pull off or on when you're in a hurry and need your bare-hands for better tactility. I haven't had the opportunity to make use of the waterproofness since I don't ride outside in the winters but I have had them washed in the washing machine (no dryer) at whatever cycle my mom decided to use and they came back to me like brand new, every time!

The inside is a soft fleece lining that is comfortable on the hands and keeps you warm. I've even used them for non-equestrian related activities like shovelling snow and the grip is great and I don't need to fuss with anything because they're otherwise like normal active winter gloves. They retail for around $30CDN, depending on where you go and the cost is reasonable for comparable models.

Overall, these are possibly the best winter gloves I currently own ... be it for winter equestrian activities or otherwise!

Disclaimer: I have not received any financial compensation for this review. These gloves were bought on my own accord but all opinions are my own.

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