Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Onwards into 2014

When I started this blog, I wasn't sure exactly what I wanted to write about. I did know though, that this would be an outlet for things that interest me and projects that I undertake to improve myself. I had just turned 30 and decided it was time to take control of my life beyond what I was doing the last decade; it was now or never. We're on year 3 now and upon brief reflection, I realize that my blog subjects focus around a few primary subjects: equestrian, travel, photography, and facts and stories (through books or otherwise).

I think I've done well for myself so far but this isn't close to being a lifetime of information yet! So, onwards to improving, growing and learning. I have made a series of resolutions and goals for myself that will continue to push me in my journey of things that help me drive this blog. As well, with an audience, I'll be much more likely to be held accountable for my promises as I do hate to break them... more out of pride than anything else. So, here goes:
  • Plan my fitness regimen for the week and execute as expected. One of these must be yoga.
  • Practice my piano diligently daily so I am able to play at a deeper level and excel at a level that I never accomplished previously.
  • Sleep at designated times daily, as per my weekly plan.
  • Take more pictures of people. Get out of my comfort zone of standard landscape. Seek to find the 'mesmerizing' and 'beautiful' in people (a difficult feat for someone like me!).
  • Read more. And not just the types of books I'd tend towards or are already comfortable with. Always be reading something and learning. Get bold!
  • Back off from over-eating... this is tough because I love to eat a lot. The main reason that comes up for this one... I don't waste food and I don't waste my time having to work off the excess caloric intake.
  • Stay positive when the worst (or annoying) looks imminent or likely.
  • Even though I'm very much the perfectionist when I do things and am not likely to "get out there" until I deem everything to be perfect, I resolve to enroll in the in-house horse show if there is opportunity to do so.
  • Get proficient and confident enough to get out on a hack this summer.
  • Start 2 lessons (or bi-weekly restart) per week once Old Man Winter decides to retreat for the next several months.
I sure hope that I'm able to follow through without too much of a struggle... already the first few have been posing a real challenge. But, as my title, onwards!

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