Monday, January 27, 2014

Lesson #71: Put Everything Into It

It is freezing today. And the stable is buried in so much snow that it requires "digging out" to access it. Not that we had to dig ourselves out but Sheri tells us how it was like before we got there.... oy. We're "die hards" now... waking up early just to go out to ride in the dead of the winter. Granted, we're indoors but it's not heated so it's still pretty chilly. It's the first time I've considered winter riding clothes.

We work only on the flat with a bunch of very technical exercises that are really tough to accomplish! 4 poles are set up for each of us, radially. Then we are asked to circle the outside of the poles and gradually attempt to move over the center of each pole. Wow, this is tough. Quinn drifts on the pole that is on the open side and we continually miss the center. But, this exercise is getting me to get a better feel for when her body is drifting out and I'm losing control of her or didn't ask her to turn early enough. It also shows me how far in advance I need to be anticipating what's going to happen. It's not like driving a car.. you HAVE to be well aware of what you are planning to do next and cannot decide last minute (though driving last minute probably isn't very ideal either). We also do figure 8s over 2 poles that are across from one another and try to do small circles around each pole as well.

In addition to a lot of bending, this is a lot of work required of the rider to ride with their bodies and not just their hands. Our bodies, heads, eyes, legs and seat need all work together to tell the horse where we want to go. I'm lucky that Quinn is so forgiving but it's clear that this is not easy. When I look and turn my head towards 2 poles ahead, she's much more prepared and does exactly what I want... we smoothly transition to what I intend. But, when I look down or stop thinking about where I'm going, she is confused too and does what she thinks would be asked of her.

One day... we're supposed to be able to do this (get ready) at the canter. I know.

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