Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Spring Show-time

I started riding at Greyden in October: that makes it 8 months now. I just attended the spring in-house show over the weekend where I got the opportunity to see what a show is like and what competitors do. There is the basic walk-trot, walk-trot-canter, cavaletti, equitation on the flat, hunter equitation... and some others that I probably missed. I arrived pretty early... though, I honestly couldn't do the 7am start. I decide not to compete because I just can't bear the idea of having 8-10 year olds ride circles around me. I don't think my ego could take it. That said, I brought my camera and new lens to shoot photos.

The drive on Sunday mornings are wonderful things. If you want to get some "alone time", take a drive out to the Caledon area. It's wonderful. Things are green, open and lush. It's such an amazing change from the cityscape. It's also stress free because few people are on the road. It's absolutely wonderful. In addition to that, the weather was sunny and warm but windy.

The farm is packed and the usual parking lot is jam packed with automobiles of various sizes; as well as a few trailers. I quickly make my way down to the outdoor ring and see crowd of parents and riders around the spectator area. Sometimes, I wonder how different life might have been, if my parents were more enthusiastic about the sport. I see the parents in the stands watching their kids and cheering them on and am reminded of the times I accompanied my mom to watch my brother and his t-ball games or hockey. Not a lot changes... parents are still rooting for this kids and reminding them to "do this" or "do that". It brings back some fond memories.

I try to get some good photos of the little riders because that was my main purpose: to try my hand at motion activities. I'm typically a landscape photographer and enjoy the stillness and grandness of nature. However, I'm here to try something new and extend myself to something I don't particularly enjoy or am very good at. The kids do really well and some of them would ride laps around me if I got out there. That's ok, another time when I don't feel so sheepish for even considering to compete.

Without posting too many photos of kids who are not even remotely related to me... here are a few of the better photos where faces aren't too distinguishable (for privacy!).

Getting into the ring. That's Aspen's white butt! and our handsome Atlas looking back at me


This is a pony named Lucky

Buddy going at canter with his rider


  1. some nice photos! maybe next year you can compete (and beat!) those little kids

    1. and what if i don't (beat) those little kids?! i don't know if my fragile ego can handle the beating. and who knows, i might not be a very good winner... LOL