Sunday, May 19, 2013

Long-Weekends are Best for...

I am sure everyone can agree that it's great the long-weekend is finally here. The weeks leading up to this weekend feel like we're preparing for summer. It's probably because the weather is often unpredictable and I can't seem to get any of my garden stuff going. But, as I'm sitting here typing this post, I hear the fire works going off in the background and know that it's here: the warm weather and countless opportunities to get outdoors!

This weekend has traditionally marked the start of my cycling season too. I'm too much of a wuss to go out any earlier because one year, I went out around April-May and I thought I was going to die. It was the first time out since the autumn prior and my body was reminding me good and well that I was a fool for skipping out on the off-season trainer riding indoors. It took me +2 hours to get home from my usual 45-60 min ride into the city. With little money, a dying cellular phone and my own stubborn character, I rode into the cold wind all the way home--all the while cursing about how dumb the idea was.

Today was totally different. It was perfect weather. I didn't sweat excessively while gearing up hills or weaving through the city cycle paths. The sun was giving me my much needed vitamin D dose and keeping me warm enough to get through my condensed version with ease. First ride of the season and I did pretty well. I didn't have to get off to walk it up any of the hills (uber embarrassing!) I trekked through and I didn't feel too worn out from the gear choice I maintained.

I love my ride. Especially the condensed version.

I start out in Etobicoke and take a series of small residential streets to make it out to South Humber Park and end up at Sheldon Lookout. I love the opportunity that I get, to stay in the city while feeling like I'm out in the wilderness. Toronto does parks pretty well: there is always a sort of "untamed" wilderness that you can get to and feel like you've gotten away from all the crazy of the city. I often think people forget that we have such wonderful places to see and go to, while staying in the city.

Check out the view from Sheldon's Lookout:
Looking into the City from Sheldon's Lookout


  1. it was a gorgeous weekend! perfect for riding bikes or horses!