Saturday, November 24, 2012


If you watch Vampire Diaries and have issues with being patient, you know that watching week to week is too much for the old ticker. This season, I decided to accumulate half a season's worth and sit down with Amber and just go through it all at once. I figure that if I OD on VD, I might be able to easily walk away from the show for a bit and not feel completely deprived.

Guess what? It's worked. I don't feel the slightest inclination to need to find out what's happened next. But between episodes on Saturday, we certainly were eager to jump to the next episode.

So, what's happened this time? Last season, we left off with Elena waking up... after drowning. Looks like this is going to be rather interesting. Without going into too much detail (because I'd otherwise cross into spoiler territory), I like the direction this season has done so far. There are some interesting liberites which they took but regardless of what's happened, they've been able to keep consistent with the characters and their individual growth.

Next VD OD? Some time in January 2013!