Friday, November 16, 2012

Bad News Bears

I've been taking an undergraduate course this semester for personal interest... I can't believe I am starting to enjoy school. I never paid much attention when I was in school, but there is so much about economics that relates to real life (duhhh) and there is so much that's applicable!

The professor who's teaching is not one that I"m particularly fond of. He's entertaining to listen to but wow, I got a serious Bad News Bear this Tuesday; at the return of our mid-term marks.

It's particularly frustrating because I managed to learn macroeconomics (I'm taking micro this semester) on my own over a distance education course. How is it possible that I'm just not getting it this time and I got a super Bad News Bear?? I worked really hard to understand the notes and the concepts (he doesn't have a text book... SERIOUSLY!) and studied after work for week straight. Despite all this, the bear still made a visit...

I'm posting mostly because I felt so bad about the mark that I needed something to cheer me up. How can anyone be upset when they get a visit from a pair of bears that are so much fun!

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