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I figure it's about time I make use of this "social media" section of my blog. It's easier to convey my adventures in photograph form as opposed to words since getting things together in words requires more finesse and time. Photos, on the other hand are instant and (as the old adage goes) worth a thousand (or maybe a million?) words!

I'll be testing this concept through an Instagram account and Facebook page of my two kitty cat adventures. The Instagram account will detail the daily events of my life in a more immediate and intimate manner while the Facebook page is an idea of +ADW. ADW seems to believe that our cats, Bucky and Stanley, will be internet sensations one day. If only he'd get started on that concept some more and share the page with his friends or even make a video or two. Then again, he doesn't have a lot of friends and has little time to start editing a bunch of videos. One day.

For now, follow me on my trek into 2016 where I grab life by the horns and continue on my ride; this time reach out to follow my dream...

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