My name is Deborah and this is my little space on the blogisphere where I kick-up my heels, sit back and relax. This is also my third attempt at maintaining a personal blog and I started in 2012 with the intention to chronicle my life's adventures and see where that would take me.... (read more)

My Love of All Things Equestrian

As I was figuring out what I would write about, I discovered that I found it helpful to track my riding lessons and any equestrian related adventures. It's a life long dream to learn to ride and learning to ride as an adult poses different challenges.... (read more)

Book Club

I used to always lament that I'd read more if I had more time. I also have a tendency to read for a purpose and have been reading much less for pleasure; it has gotten to the point where I find most fictional reads a big bore. I created my personal book club to encourage and track my progress.... (read more)


This luxury is no doubt on many people's minds. It is one of the most common "interests" people cite when asked. I am no different in that regard and thirst to see the world!.... (read more)

My UNESCO World Heritage Sites List

I don't remember when I first discovered UNESCO World Heritage Sites but I remember feeling wonder, wanderlust, excitement and a sense of awe. UNESCO lists their official listing of heritage sites and the list is dynamic where if criteria aren't met or maintained the site can be delisted. Or, if non-existent qualified sites meet the criteria, they are added to list... (read more)

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