Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Resolutions and Goals

I once read somewhere that successful people plan and make goals of varying timelines.

Having direction is so comforting for me that I have done this for the last several years and it's always satisfying at the end of the year, to review that list (ooooooo list) and see the progress or places for improvement. I'm already late this year so I better just get this thing posted:


My plans remain the same, to finish this semester brilliantly and then spend the summer and autumn working and gaining more experience then applying to the OVC.
  • Reading for leisure has majorly been put on the back-burner after I finished reading a handful of books during the Summer of George. I want to get back to reading books for interest and fun. Let's see what happens after exams.
  • I elected to partake in 2 semesters before applying for vet college and I'm working on the second one. I did well enough for the first semester so I am going to keep working hard this semester. This semester also sees me revisit my old friends statistics and cellular biology so I best pull myself together for those!!
  • Take a first aid/CPR course.
  • I want to make my OVC application stand-out so I am planning on diversifying my experience with large animals, emergency clinics and other opportunities.


I think that owning a home usually means your list of projects tend to shift more heavily in that area. This is certainly true for me...
  • The big project this year is the backyard. We put in a chain-link fence to close the yard but at the expense of cutting away the segment of bush in the back. Now things are feeling a little exposed. Plus, I want to plant the strip that is outside the fence so I don't have to mow it anymore. I've got plans to create a perennial garden to provide some privacy, rid myself of some lawn and to ensure a way to keep drivers from driving over that lawn and dog walkers from neglecting to pick up after their pets.
  • The other partial yard project is to help +ADW put together the frame of his vegetable garden and let him sort out the rest.
  • There is also a section of the front lawn that I need to clean up to look presentable because after I was forced to remove the shrub there, it's become a wild patch.
  • The sun-room should also start its transformation into a kitty sanctuary reading/working room.
  • Consider re-painting the outside doors.
  • Clean out basement (junk removal service) and then pull out the useless shelf and purchase and sort out hanging bike hooks (x3).
  • Fix the tiles I broke in the kitchen.
  • Hang at least 3 images/frames in the house.
  • Look for that central piece over the fireplace... this one might take some time.
  • Organize the shelves above the fridge and 2 hallway closets.


If someone asked me what I wanted to do for a living, regardless of skill level, financial means/need and pretty much anything else, I would probably tell you I'd want to ride for a living. But, #adulting means being realistic with one's goals.
  • Summer of George really put me behind. I intend to start riding again after exams have ended. I would like to increase my riding to 2x/week if it's feasible to do so.
  • I also want to see if I can get a part-time gig on a trail ranch.
  • The only aim I have in terms of skills is to get back to last summer's abilities. I think that's ambitious enough considering everything else.


It's time to get re-involved. Being immobile for ~8 weeks really took a toll on my waist-line!
  • Physiotherapy my leg back.
  • Yoga practice to loosen all the stress tightened areas.
  • Cycling is coincidentally the best thing for my leg at this point. I've set up the bike in the basement.
  • Regulate sleeping hours! This one is tough when I have had a stretch of being diligent due to school or the like.
  • Keep blood sugars stable. I bring nutty snacks with me as often as possible.
  • Make food more often. Find good non-muscle meat recipes (I'm looking into all those wonderful innerds I get from the farm) and just eat cleaner without compromising my love of tastes.


I always put this one in because I want to keep myself accountable. I'm one of those types of people who can just disappear into my little world if I don't keep one foot out not because I don't care, but I can get sucked into other things (like hobbies) really easily.
  • I haven't been doing too badly on this front and will make more efforts to have various family members over for Sunday brunch or something of that nature.


It's good to surround oneself with good company and good conversation. It's even more important to give back. I believe that many of us in North America lead privileged lives and so it is inconsiderate and irresponsible not to give back in some fashion; at some point, someone helped me.
  • See some old coworkers who are good peeps. Take the opportunity in the spring/summer to do something!
  • Make a regular (not necessarily frequent) effort to meet up with low-maintenance friends b/c we each seem to get sucked into our respective worlds and then forget about hanging out.
  • Foster kittens and cats if it works out.
  • Some of the veterinary experience will fit into the category of volunteering too.
  • Review engagement with the community sports club and see if it's something feasible to continue working on. I am considering to simply cut out of the board and just continue doing some ops and logistics. It can be seasonal so that works out nicely.

It looks like I've got quite a year ahead of me. I am looking forward to it! I suppose I'm the last one of the blogisphere to put something like this together (and the inspiration board is still to come!) but if I'm not, I beseech you to consider it :)


  1. This is impressive! BTW I took my cat to the vet for a check up and found out we had a new vet and vet's assistant. While we were waiting, Mabes promptly jumped off the examination table, opened a cabinet door and squeezed in and found an ancient treat. Then as I was rummaging in there to get her out the assistant came in and made a comment about records indicating Mabes was difficult to handle. I had to explain she wasn't hiding, just being curious! And then I word-vomited that the records were probably citing an incident involving a butt thermometer. But then the new vet came in and was the sweetest person and Mabes made no complaints about being groped, as if she understood this was a person we wanted to have a future with. I'm sure these are experiences you look forward to being on the other side of!

    1. sometimes it feels daunting (like this week) but i know that i have a slightly bigger hill to climb than others...
      i actually really enjoy working with clients and their pets!!! :D your experience sounds really awesome. cats seem to just pick their people.