Friday, July 3, 2015

Canada Day Post (re-cap)

This post comes late but I didn't have much to post about until today...

+ADW is in Calgary for Canada Day so I made my way out to the stable to for the Georgetown Canada Day Parade. Like the Christmas parade, this was good fun where I got to hang out with people I seem to naturally have an easy time meshing with (did I ever mention I'm usually socially averse?).

A few photos...

Molson rump

Waldo is the resident mini

I get the impression he likes this more than he should...?

I'm working hard at... something.

Lex with Frank pulled by Amadeus. We all know who's calling the shots

Our fearless leader for the day!

Molson and Artisaurus (Art)
It was a perfect day. No rain (despite the forecasts) and the horses were great considering the number of flapping flags, screaming children on bikes and scooters and the sounds (someone set off a firework or something at some point and nobody freaked out). Big success and amazing performance by everyone!!


  1. I love it! Frank the pug just made my day!

    1. right! sometimes he sits on the tractor when they're working on cleaning up the paddocks or something. freggin' hilarious.

  2. Replies
    1. thanks! it was such a great day!! i was dreading rain but there wasn't any and everyone was so well behaved and it just went off without a single problem! :)