Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Blog Hop: A Close Call

The majority of non-riders don't get it.

It is no easy feat to climb on top of a +900lbs beast and then proceed to tell it what to do; you can't out-muscle these animals. Climbing on top is a risk we take and I'm sure there has been more than one occasion where one either does something dumb, didn't know any better or just let your guard down for a second and gotten your butt served to you. I'm participating in the Chronicles of a Moody Mare's blog hop: what is one close call that you have lived to tell the tale about?

I've previously written about the closest call I've had: my epic fall in the middle of a corn field with Ariel going full tilt. Strangely enough, hacks aren't really my friend. The times that I have gone out (with J), usually result in something ridiculous happening. I manage to laugh it off because it's generally pretty funny. The first time, Ariel tripped (at the walk...) and fell forward and I slid off over her head and landed on my feet. The second time was the epic fall and the third was the bugs.

The epic fall hack started out wonderfully. It was nice weather and everyone was out having a good time. We were nearing the stables through the brush at a trot/canter and one of the ponies did a deek at the fork and his rider slid off and landed in the bush (she ended up fracturing something in her wrist) he continued running which only freaked out the other horses because they all probably figured he was running from a big baddie. The lead horse took off too and then Ariel got it in her head (I probably should have gotten off, in hindsight) that she needed to chase after the others. For what reason? I'm not too sure. Trying to keep her back was challenging because of the mare in her and she just wanted to turn around and lead the others out of there. It was becoming increasing difficult to keep her still or even turn back while J went to help the fallen rider. Like I said, no way to out-muscle a +900lb animal mare. I let her trot in a very uncomfortable manner to get some of the jitters out and I thought that might help but once she reached open space (i.e. corn field), she just took off. I have never galloped in my life and was both terrified and trying to remain calm to go through what I should do to recollect her--both brain and body. Then, I lost my left stirrup: the straw that finally broke the camel's back. Off I slid too.

I don't even remember much of what happened except hearing +ADW calling at me to stop and turn around. Once I hit the ground, I knew I couldn't stay down long because I needed to be sure she didn't trample me. I got up quickly (I'm surprised at how fast I got up) and looked around and saw a large rock a few centimetres away from my head and Ariel... standing a few feet away munching the grass/corn stalks. She was suddenly calm and collected... looking at me as if to say, with a mouthful of grass, "Oh hey. So I told you to hang on but you didn't. I hope you're okay. You really should just let me take the lead next time."

Typical Ariel.

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