Friday, October 25, 2013

Diagonal Jar

I've been training Bucky since the day that I found him. He's been a royal pain in my arse but he's always so darned cute. Take last night for example: he snuck onto the table as I was showing ADW out. I heard (because I've developed super sharp hearing now) him on the table; the table creaked, actually. So I raced over and saw him on the table with that guilty look on his face so I clapped loudly and he zoomed right off. Someone's in trouble now.

I grabbed our furry little friend and sent ADW off and took Bucky to his room and closed the door. That would be it. Animals learn by association. A little late, yes, as some of you might say, but I felt justified for catching him in the act. One day he might just learn that he's not supposed to do things like that. One can only continue to try.

Anyways, training bad habits out of any living breathing creature seems easily transferable between different animals. Humans are technically animals and if you tried to touch a hot stove with your bare hands, you'd learn pretty quickly that it's hot and you shouldn't touch it.... or at least be wary of it. That said, I am going to introduce my posting diagonal jar to train an incorrect posting diagonal out of me. I know what a posting diagonal is therefore, I should be more aware of my posting diagonals during lessons. Time to train this bad habit out of me.

How is the jar going to work?

When I am called out for a posting diagonal during class, I'll count that and multiply the number of times I'm called out, with $2.00; with the total going into my posting diagonal jar. The lesson posts will include both the tag (posting diagonal jar) and the tally at the end. At my next riding anniversary, I will summarize the total and then look to donate to a specific charity which helps horses (or cats, if I can't find one that is geared to horses).

Note: updated cost after further reflection


  1. Good idea! I'll help to keep count!

    1. urm... you have to be there in class to remember. i already forget after the first time i count!